CD Release Party 2014

CD Releaseparty of the Album Cold Shot.
2014 at Local, Austria

Fotos by Peter Reiner

2013 Springtime Tour

The 2nd Tour of the trio since it was formed 2012.

Inside the Europe-tour, they were teaching the blues and went to the Studio to record the Cold Shot album. Recordmaster was Iztok Supan of the slovenien label Klopotec.

2013 Bluesseminar

05. - 09.June 2013s

Inside the Europe Tour 2013 the trio did a bluesseminar, together with the austrian bluesmusician Eric Trauner.

Photos by M.C. Shaddi

2012 EU Tour

The first outcome of the Kindred/Fonda/Gross Trio 5 Concerts inside austria.

First Contact...

Live in F├╝rstenfeld (Stmk)
at the Grabher-Haus
09.June 2012

Photos by Simon Attila